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MLB Trade Rumors: Chances Of Roy Oswalt Landing With Cardinals Are 'Very Real'

This is the latest from Jon Heyman, who seems to be getting with the program after developing a track record of being about 12 hours behind the times:

oswalt to the #cardinals talks are "very real'' according to a competing gm. said oswalt wants to go to st. louis

Via, we get the following:

A Major League source said on Wednesday night that Oswalt would love the opportunity to pitch in St. Louis. The source said that the Astros ace even indicated earlier this year that he would not require the [$16m 2012] option to be picked up at all if he were traded to the Cardinals.

The specifics of just how an Oswalt/Cardinals trade would be worked out aren't clear, but it's easy to see why St. Louis would be interested - already in first place, they could add Oswalt to a front three of Wainwright/Carpenter/Garcia, which currently has a combined ERA of 2.44 over 60 starts. Such a trade would give the Cards probably the most imposing rotation in baseball, a great strength down the stretch run and headed into the playoffs.