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7500 To Holte: Say Goodbye To James Milner

As can be expected when one of your club's players expresses a desire to leave, Aston Villa supporter Kirsten Schlewitz at 7500 to Holte expresses a healthy amount of incredulity:

Oh Jamesy boy, you had a chance to be a Villa hero. Don't you remember what happened with Gareth Barry? His head got too big for his cheekbones, he demanded a move and now he is vilified by Villans. And what happened? He went to Manchester City and had a not-so-shiny season. James, do you even know how many midfielders City have on their books? Do you honestly think you'll play every week?

Kirsten also tells Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini why he shouldn't be surprised clubs are asking a little more in transfer fees when the Citizens come asking:

Well, Mancini, if you didn't open up your pocketbooks and flash your stacks of hundred pound notes, we might not be driving up the price. Cough up a few more bucks for Milner and you can have him. At this point, I think many of us are happy to see him go. We all saw what happened with Barry when he wasn't able to leave City. We don't need another player unhappy with the situation in our starting lineup. You give us the cash, City, and we'll figure out how to use it. Then we'll laugh when we see you with a squad of 30 prima donnas who still can't work together to score a goal. Truth be told, I may even laugh when I see Milner on the bench.

For the entire post (Say Goodbye To James Milner) as well as more thoughts on Milner and Villa, you can visit SB Nation's Aston Villa blog, 7500 To Holte.