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MLB Trade Rumors: Cardinals Want Astros To Pay Much Of Roy Oswalt's Salary

Roy Oswalt is due several million dollars over the rest of 2010, $16m in 2011, and has a $16m 2012 option with a $2m buyout. His salary is perhaps the biggest hurdle right now in trade talks, and sure enough, though the Cardinals are involved in negotiations, they're not looking to take on Oswalt's entire load:

word is, #cardinals want a significant portion of the $25 mil left on oswalt paid by #astros. #phillies still in game.

The Astros have been loath to assume much of Oswalt's remaining contract, but one thing it would do is allow them to get a better return in terms of talent. As Ken Rosenthal and Jon Morosi report, the Astros and Cardinals are having a difficult time finding an agreeable package, but that doesn't mean they can't still arrive at a reasonable compromise.