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Chris Johnson's Big Raise From The Titans Is $1.25 Million

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Chris Johnson crowed about his 2010 contract saying at one point that he "can't play for $550,000."

All the public discontent was enough to get the Titans to accelerate future escalators he had already earned so that they were payable in the 2010 season.

People looked at is as a band-aid of sorts in order to keep him happy for the 2010 season. Now Pro Football Talk reports the raise is $1.25 million.

A league source with knowledge of the new deal, and the old deal, tells us that the Titans moved $1.25 million in escalators triggered by Johnson during the first two years of his career into 2010, reducing Johnson's 2012 base salary from $2.210 million to $960,000.

Taking money from 2012 and applying it to the current year would suggest Johnson and the Titans will get a contract extension done before 2012 because Johnson would inevitably be unhappy when 2012 comes along.

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