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Dolphins Reportedly Interested In Cowboys DE Marcus Spears

Several reports have indicated that Dolphins DE Phillip Merling will miss the 2010 season with an Achilles injury. With a need for depth along the defensive line, the Dolphins could turn their attention to Cowboys DE Marcus Spears, according to the Miami Herald.

I have been in contact with a source saying the Dolphins may turn their attention before training camp is over to Dallas defensive end Marcus Spears, a starter who has fallen somewhat out of favor with the Cowboys and whom Bill Parcells drafted in the first round in 2005.

The Parcells connection is strong and I wouldn't be surprised to this happen.

Spears got a lower RFA tender than both of the men who backed him up and the report states Spears was available for trade before the draft so Merling's injury could set the stage for a trade.

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