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Cedric Benson Meets With Commissioner, Has 'Frank And Productive Discussion'

David Cornwell, agent for Cedric Benson, tells Geoff Hobson of the Bengals official site that his client met with Commissioner Roger Goodell this week to discuss his arrest last month for reportedly getting into a fight at an Austin, TX bar.

“The Commissioner and Cedric had a frank and productive discussion regarding the benefits of playing in the NFL as well as the price to enjoy those benefits,” Cornwell wrote. “Cedric is his best advocate and I believe the Commissioner was pleased with their discussion.”

Last month, Benson's lawyer said his client was attacked first and Benson was only protecting himself. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis seemed to reiterate that this week saying Benson was "sucker-punched".

It's unclear whether the Commissioner is considering any action against Benson.

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