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Trying a new role in life ... "navigator"

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Apologies for the lack of posts. I have taken a couple of days off to join family and friends, who are testing the healing the properties of the natural springs in the fabled Arkansas hills.

Well, mostly, they are testing the springs. I’m consuming adult beverages and spending time at the lake. Here you see me “navigating” the boat. (There really are a lot of places to get lost in this big ol’ lake area. Navigating is a hard job. I had to look at the map several times during this mind-bender.)

I’ll be back in the game, so to speak, this weekend.

Meanwhile, later today, will have my choices at the (almost) MLS mid-point for MVP, Coach of the Year, etc. And next week, there will be plenty to say in and around the All-Star contest down in Houston. Until then, back to my navigating ...