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Read This: College Basketball Coaches Open Up About Recruiting

With all this Nick Saban-inspired, agents-are-pimps talk lately, the underbelly of the NCAA beast has been squarely in the spotlight lately. But that's college football. Want to see a sport with a real moral gray area?


Look no further than the AAU summer basketball circuit. And over at ESPN, Dana O'Neil surveyed 20 college basketball coaches with a series of questions about recruiting in the sport:

What is your least favorite part of summer recruiting? ↵

"What don't I like? All of it. I don't think there should be summer recruiting, period. They want to clean it up? Get rid of it.''


"I'll tell you another problem -- 70 percent of the kids we're sitting here watching should be in summer school. They shouldn't be here.''

↵ How many of your peers do you trust? ↵

"I grew up in this game with an idea of what I thought it was or what I thought it should be. Now I see it's not like that at all. You have low- to mid-major guys aspiring to move up who will do anything to get there and you have guys who, once they get used to a certain lifestyle, will do whatever it takes to keep it.''

↵ How often during the recruitment of a player does someone -- a coach, a parent, someone else -- ask for something in return? ↵

"It happened to me this morning,'' one coach said. "I had a guy try to hand me a résumé, get them a job.''


The candor she encountered was refreshing, but eye-opening. And really, if there's anyone out there clinging to faith in  the NCAA's chastity, read the full article. Acknowledging the problems is the first step to finding a solution.