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2010 SEC Media Days: Auburn's Gene Chizik Plays Possession Ball

Gene Chizik spoke at length about his plans to make Auburn more consistent, and how they needed more consistency, and about how if they consistently wanted to win consistently they needed to consistently practice with consistency to make things consistent on the field in a consistent manner. Consistently, of course.

The second year coach did lean on a certain word, but the issue last year for Auburn was defense, and Chizik’s answer to the question of how to improve was just that: consistency. Chizik himself was certainly consistent, giving long-winded Tresselspeak in response to questions while occasionally mentioning his “long-term vision” for the Auburn program. As an SEC coach, having a “long-term vision” is either rank foolishness or brash optimism, but in a charitable mood this morning we’ll assume the latter and not the former.

Otherwise he said little of substance and otherwise executed a perfectly safe routine of bland coachspeak. If his long-term survival is dependent on giving nothing in the way of quotable speech, Chizik is the new Joe Paterno.

Sixth-year DB Aairon Savage did at least color up the festivities with a stunning seersucker coat and bowtie, and for that we thank him.

First-year coach Derek Dooley and his immobile hair follow.