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Royals' David DeJesus Out 2-6 Weeks After Injuring Thumb In Crash Into Wall

The Kansas City Royals will be without outfielder for between 2-6 weeks due to his injured thumb, according to ESPN's Buster Olney. The question for DeJesus is whether his injured digit will require surgery: if it does, he'll likely be out a full six weeks, while if rest and rehab are enough to get it back to health, he could be back on the field by the beginning of August.

DeJesus injured himself crashing into the fall during a failed attempt to catch a fly ball against the Yankees on Thursday (that resulted in an inside-the-park homer for Derek Jeter). DeJesus' glove smashed into the padding on the wall, snapping his wrist and apparently spraining his thumb.

Losing DeJesus -- whose .384 OBP leads the Royals -- is certainly a blow for Kansas City, and the timing of his injury makes a potential trade harder to pull off with the July 31st, non-waiver trade deadline rapidly approaching.