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2010 SEC Media Days: Houston Nutt Is Excited (As Usual)

Houston Nutt’s excited. Houston Nutt is awesome. Houston Nutt is full of passion. None of things are unusual if you’re familiar with the services conducted by the Right Reverend Nutt, the Old Miss coach whose optimism is boundless even in a year when the Rebels lost their quarterback, a good chunk of their offensive line, their leading rusher, receiver, and both starting cornerbacks to the NFL.

(Note: even when discussing this, Nutt made sure to mention where each of his players was in the NFL. Never, ever stop recruiting, SEC Coach-dudes.)

The words Houston Nutt likes most were used. The leadership from defensive linemen Jerrell Powe has been “awesome,” though perhaps not as awesome as the nearly seventy pounds Powe has lost since arriving on the Ole Miss campus. Kentrell Lockett “Is what a defensive end looks like,” another Nutt classic used in describing Ole Miss’s most threatening defensive end. Passion was invoked on multiple occasions; excitement surrounded everything, and lots of things “kept (Nutt) up in the middle of the night,” though the inexperienced offensive line seemed to loom large in his sights as a principal source of midnight worry.

In the midst of this greatest hits parade of Nutt phrases, he also spoke about Ole Miss’s implosion last year in the Thursday night debacle at South Carolina.

It was a very difficult schedule to go from Saturday to Thursday night, especially no matter where you play in the SEC, each stadium is the best in the country, the atmosphere. South Carolina is awesome on Thursday night. When that bubble popped, that’s where you better have some ‘Dr. Phil’ in ya. You better be ready to go, to help your team, because expectations are so high.

Not the case this year, something Nutt seemed visibly relieved not to be discussing. If you’re wondering about the mascot controversy, by the way, don’t ask Houston Dale. He doesn’t care and hasn’t been paying attention.