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David DeJesus To Have Surgery On Thumb, Miss Rest Of 2010 Season

Bad news became worse news, and worse news became the worst news as David DeJesus' thumb injury is a good deal worse than was initially feared:

Royals OF David DeJesus out for the year with a complete ligament tear in his right thumb. Surgery set for Monday.

So much for the 2-6 week timetable. While this obviously makes little meaningful difference to the Royals in the short-term, it does take DeJesus off the market as a trade possibility, preventing the Royals from reloading with a few prospects, and preventing interested teams from pulling the trigger. What'll be interesting now is seeing how the market for other outfielders like Corey Hart changes in response.

The Royals promoted Alex Gordon from AAA to fill DeJesus' roster spot. Gordon had been destroying the ball with Omaha, and was overdue to return to the bigs.