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2010 SEC Media Days: Auburn, Tennessee, Ole MIss, and LSU

2010 SEC Media Days finish up today, and while no one will likely equal Robbie Caldwell's turkey-inseminating grandeur, we do have a full slate today. Bonus! Auburn's Aairon Savage has thrown down the fashion gauntlet by wearing a seersucker jacket and bowtie, making himself the Andre 3000 of the festivities today. 

The schedule, ladies and gentlemen: 

AUBURN: Coach Gene Chizik Players: OT Lee Ziemba, LB Josh Bynes, DB Aairon Savage

TENNESSEE: Coach Derek Dooley Players: TE Luke Stocker, DE Chris Walker, LB Nick Reveiz

OLE MISS: Coach Houston Nutt Players: DT Jerrell Powe, DE Kentrell Lockett, OT Bradley Sowell

LSU: Coach Les Miles Players: QB Jordan Jefferson, LB Kelvin Sheppard, CB Patrick Peterson  

Chizik is up first. I passed him in the lobby, and his chin looked freshly waxed and buffed, ready for battle or knocking down a sturdy door. His chin really could double as a SWAT team battering ram in a pinch.