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Ryan Newman Dodges Baby News Questions Before Answering

Ryan Newman announced Friday during a Chevrolet question-and-answer session with fans that he and wife Krissie are expecting their first child.

When reporters asked him about it on Saturday, he had a little fun before confirming the news.

Here's what happened (reporters' questions in bold):

So you're going to be a dad, apparently?

That's what they're saying. I don't know.

You don't know?


You're always the last to know.

I guess, yeah.

Well it was said on the Chevy stage.

Somebody asked me a question. I answered the question.

So are you excited about what they said?

Yeah. I am.

What was the question and the answer?

What question? What answer?

The question about the baby and the answer you gave.

What baby? Hornish's? Biffle's?

Carl's, I don't know.

Carl's going to have more than a baby if he keeps it up.

So you don't want to talk about it yet?

Talk about what?

The potential question on stage?

There was no potential question. There was a question.

I'm confused.

Well, if you're confused, I don't want you to write about it.

Are you going to be a dad?

Yeah, that's true.

Congratulations. Have you come up with a name yet?

A name? They already changed it from the Allstate 400 to the Brickyard 400.