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Elbow Injury Sends Ben Sheets To Disabled List

Last Monday, Oakland starter Ben Sheets limited the Red Sox to two runs in 6.2 innings in what was ultimately a losing effort. If things seemed okay at the time, though, they are now very much not, as Sheets has gone an scared up some trouble in his elbow:

Athletics right-hander Ben Sheets has re-injured his troubled elbow, has learned.

At the very least, Sheets will be placed on the 15-day disabled list. But a source close to Sheets says there is very real concern that the elbow has blown out again and that he is finished for the season.

Sheets has indeed since been placed on the DL. It seems he told Billy Beane he'd actually like to pitch this Sunday, which would seem to suggest he's not feeling too bad, but then given Sheets' history and the concern over this incident, it would appear that the situation is a little more serious than Sheets is letting on. If he was a moderately attractive trade commodity before, that's now shot, as nobody's going to want to pay for a guy who may not start a game.

For more, check out Athletics Nation. Sheets hasn't been pitching too terribly well anyway, but if nothing else, this does take away one talking point in the lead-up to the deadline.