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Your Television Loves You: What To Watch On Sunday, July 25

Here's how SB Nation recommends you operate your television set on Sunday, July 25. All times Eastern.


1:30, MLB Network - the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
1:30, TBS - Rockies at Phillies.
8:00, ESPN - Cardinals at Cubs.

1:00, CBS - Final stage of the Tour de France.

1:00, ESPN - The Brickyard 400.

3:00, CBS - Round 4 of the Canadian Open.


Good movies
No showings today!

Actual good movies
4:45, TBS - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.
7:00, ABC Family - Ratatouille.
9:30, ABC Family - The Goonies.

Movie that I have not seen but is probably phenomenal
7:00, Cartoon Network - Son of the Mask.

Hope Floats, starring Harry Connick, Jr.
No showings today!