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Alex Rodriguez Still Lingering At 599 Home Runs Following Yankees Win

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The Yankees bounced back on Sunday after losing to the Royals the day before, but Alex Rodriguez went homerless once again, grounding out in the second, doubling in the third, grounding out in the fifth, and singling in the seventh. A-Rod and the Yankees then got a real scare when he was hit in the hand by an errant pitch in the eighth and had to come out of the game, but there's good news on that front:

Both Rodriguez and manager Joe Girardi stated that the third baseman was fine after the game and could resume his chase for 600 home runs on Monday night in Cleveland.

"I have pretty much full strength, so I should be OK," Rodriguez said. "It's very easy to break a bone or chip a bone. I'm just glad it's OK."

The only real downside here is that the Yankees play their next seven games on the road in Cleveland and Tampa Bay, so if A-Rod goes deep within the next week, he'll do it in front of another team's crowd.