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Tom Brady, Patriots Reportedly 'Within Reach' Of Long-Term Contract Extension

There are several new developments in Tom Brady's contract situation with the Patriots.

First, Brady reported for camp on Sunday when quarterbacks were scheduled to arrive. This isn't a big one but there was some chatter in league circles that Brady might hold out a few days to make known his displeasure with his contract.

Second, and most importantly, ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that Brady and the Pats are working on a contract extension --- Brady is entering the final year of his deal -- and could have something done this summer.

If a deal cannot be struck, it will be primarily because of how complex the contract is and how difficult it is to complete it without knowing the specifics of the NFL's next collective bargaining agreement.

But one person familiar with the talks said there is ongoing dialogue that he described as positive and, while no deal is imminent, one now is within reach.

This goes against most of what we've heard up to this point. First, it was a "growing disconnect" between Brady and the Pats, then there was Brady's lack of attendance at the offseason program and how that would affect it all but apparently it hasn't that much.

There was some talk that the Patriots would wait for Peyton Manning to do his contract extension but, according to reports, Manning and Co. have a while to go on their new deal.

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