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Trivia! Who Are The Most Gang-Affiliated Teams In Pro Sports?

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First off, I don't mean to sound like an uncool, non-gang-member here, but I always thought it'd be cool for gangs to wear Detroit Lions gear when they're in the streets." Think about it.

"Yo, we're so hard we ain't gotta rep the Raiders... We wearin' Lions baby blue!"


"Scott Mitchell, son! WHAT? WHAT?"

Sadly, the Detroit Lions did not make the list of the 10 most gang-affiliated hats in pro sports. It's a great list, though, if only for the names of the gangs, and the reasons for their affiliation with, say, the Minnesota Twins.

Here's the top 5:

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers—Crips, Gangster Disciples, Latin Aspects
  2. Cincinnati Reds—4 Corner Hustlers, Bloods
  3. Oakland Raiders—People Nation, Folk Nation
  4. Chicago Bulls—Vice Lords, Latin Counts, Mickey Cobras, Black P. Stone Nation, The Bloods
  5. Los Angeles Kings—Latin Kings, People Nation

Why do the Raiders belong to People Nation and Folk Nation, specifically? Because for Folk, "Raiders" stands for "Ruthless Ass Insane Disciples Running S**t." For the People Nation, it stands for "Raggedy Ass Iced Donuts Everywhere Running Scared." Man, that's so f'ing real, you probably think it's hilarious.

But who's the one gang member that all the other gang members are scared of?


Scott Mitchell will run in your crib, snatch your chain, spit on your baby, and walk out laughing. Scott Mitchell doesn't play games. Scott Mitchell doesn't have a code. Scott Mitchell may not even have a home these days. He's just running s**t. Got the raggedy ass iced donuts running scared. Scott Mitchell doesn't care, man.

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