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MLB Trade Rumors: Roy Oswalt Being Dealt By Astros To Cardinals, Phillies Is Unlikely

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Roy Oswalt — who has a full no-trade clause — has made it clear (reportedly) that the Cardinals are his ideal destination. But, as was reported earlier on Monday, St. Louis is not optimistic about its chances of landing Oswalt — it seems Houston is simply asking for too much in return.

If the Cardinals are out of the mix, that leaves the Phillies as prime trade partners. One problem: Oswalt would not waive his no-trade clause to play in Philly, according to FOX Sports. (Why would he rather be stuck in Houston on a losing team instead of joining a legit contender? Good question.)

So, at this point, it seems unlikely that Oswalt will be traded to a contender before Saturday’s deadline. Of course, it is only Monday. Expect this story to take several turns before the week is over.