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Draft sites undergo redesigns

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Typically this time of year, NFL Draft sites begin to rot on the vine (no names, please).

But two of my favorites – New Era Scouting and Draft Breakdown – have undergone small but nice site redesigns.

Both sites use Word Press as their content manager. If you're thinking about starting a draft site, this is what I would suggest. Their templates are plentiful and easily hackable.

The two sites have sliders with their top stories, which is a nice feature. If MTD wasn't set up as a blog site, that's what I'd do as well. I won't go on about site design, but both look good, so check them out.

If you recall, MTD partnered with NES last draft and we hope to do so again for the 2011 draft. One of Breakdown's top guys is Aaron Aloysius, whose great work you've read here in in FanPosts and you've probably watched a bunch of his videos.