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Longhorn Brand Electricity! (Seriously.)

Who wants to supply their home or business with electricity branded by the University of Texas? You do you do! No, for rills, this is a real thing that is happening:

The electricity will be supplied by Champion Energy Services and is being touted as 100 percent renewable energy to alumni and fans in deregulated regions of Texas. Every new account will generate funds for the University of Texas and consumers will receive Longhorns merchandise, memorabilia, access to events, ticket discounts and other benefits as incentives.

Look for other fine institutions of higher learning to jump on this branding-stretch bandwagon, with Fresno State-branded dirt, South Carolina-branded asphalt, Florida State-branded food stamps, and Tennessee-branded meth to be made available to the general public as early as next year. Oh, and don't forget your Georgia Tech pest control, because who would you trust more to spray your yard for bees than another bee?

HT: The Dagger.