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Matt Garza Throws Rays' First No-Hitter, But It's Not The First No-Hitter They've Seen

Let's just get this out of the way: it's July 26th, and Matt Garza just threw the sixth* Major League Baseball no-hitter of the season. That's too many. That's too many no-hitters. But anyway, many congratulations to Garza, who finally gives the Rays one in the win column when it comes to this particular achievement. A history of no-hitters involving Tampa Bay:

4/27/02: Derek Lowe no-hits Devil Rays, Red Sox win 10-0

7/23/09: Mark Buehrle throws perfect game against Rays, White Sox win 5-0. DeWayne Wise becomes a somebody

5/29/10: Dallas Braden throws perfect game against Rays, A's win 4-0. Nation learns of Dallas Braden's grandmother and the Braden family's delightful collective personality

6/25/10: Ex-Ray Edwin Jackson no-hits Rays while walking 37 hitters. Diamondbacks win 1-0

7/26/10: Matt Garza no-hits Tigers. Rays win 5-0

Over the Rays' last 164 games, they have been involved in two perfect games and two other no-hitters. That is one young team determined to make an older team's history.