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MLB Trade Rumors: Roy Oswalt Doesn't Care Where The Astros Deal Him As Long As It's A Good Fit

This is how things often go down at the baseball trade deadline, especially when you have a 24-hour news cycle and packs of reporters and bloggers following around players all day -- and calling their agents and other sources (sorry, LeBron) when the clubhouse closes.

There was a report making the rounds earlier today that any deal involving Astros ace Roy Oswalt appeared dead, since the right-hander was ready to invoke his no-trade clause if he were dealt to Philadelphia (and Houston couldn't come to an agreement with St. Louis).

Not so, according to, well, Oswalt himself, who spoke to reporters on Monday evening before Houston's home game against the Cubs.

From The Houston Chronicle:

With the July 31 deadline looming large, Oswalt has been busy recently clarifying — and in some cases downplaying — some of the stances he is reported to have taken regarding any trade involving him.

The latest clarification came Monday, when he said he has no problem being traded to an East Coast team — provided it is right fit.

“That’s not an issue,” Oswalt told the Chronicle on Monday. “Like I’ve said from the beginning, it’s going to have to work for both of us.”

So, if you're keeping track on your Roy Oswalt Trade spreadsheet:

And just think, this could drag out all the way until the trade deadline on Saturday afternoon.

(A hat tip to the Crawish Boxes, SB Nation's Houston Astros blog)