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MLB Trade Rumors: Scott Podsednik Seeing Stock Soar As NL West Comes Calling

Since June 21st, Royals outfielder Scott Podsednik has batted .368/.400/.496. This has not gone unnoticed by the rest of the league, and sure enough, via Ken Rosenthal, we've got corresponding trade rumors:

Source: Royals getting bombarded with sudden interest in Podsednik from NL West contenders. Would fit for #Giants, #Padres, #Dodgers.

While it's unclear how Podsednik would fit in well with the Padres, the Giants have long been after another starter in the outfield, and the Dodgers could use Podsednik as a fourth outfielder to step in whenever Manny Ramirez needs a day off or Matt Kemp makes Joe Torre unhappy.

It seems even with the injury to David DeJesus, the Royals could still have an active deadline, with both Podsednik and Guillen on the market.