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Fight Week Hype: Jon Jones And Vladimir Matyushenko Ready For UFC on Versus 2

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Jon Jones spoke to MMA Weekly about his upcoming bout with Vladimir Matyushenko at UFC on Versus 2 and how he feels he is developing as a fighter:

"The biggest thing is that I'm getting more confident with each fight," Jones explained. "Just becoming more experienced with each fight. It's just exciting, I can sit home and watch my own fights and realize what I'm not doing good, and what I'm doing good. I'm just a real student of the sport."


"Right now, I feel sharper than ever," said Jones. "My ground game from the bottom, and ground passes from top, boxing, kicks are more proper, going back to my wrestling. I just feel sharp all around."

Matyushenko sat down to talk about his feelings about the fight as well:

SB Nation will have many more videos, quotes and highlights as we head toward this very intriguing light heavyweight showdown.