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Florida State LB Nigel Carr Arrested, Could Face Multiple Felony Charges

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What a grand day for fledgling Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher to be meeting the assembled ACC media masses for the first time! Not only is he replacing noted applesauce industry patron and Seminole Queen Mum Bobby Bowden in the captain's chair, he's got to answer for the antics of Nigel Carr, projected starter at linebacker and perpetrator of a weekend Tallahassee crime spree:

According to Tallahassee police, Carr burglarized a sport-utility vehicle parked off Hayden Road, across the street from Doak Campbell Stadium. Police say Carr broke into the vehicle, a white Toyota, and stole a "book bag" that contained the victim's "purse and other items," including a sweater. Carr then allegedly dumped some of the stolen contents into a nearby dumpster. In addition, police say Carr stole the victim's credit card, which an officer located on the floorboard of a white car that Carr was allegedly driving. Further, police say Carr is the suspect in the burglary of another vehicle near the Florida State campus.

It has to be comforting to longtime FSU fans to see the 'Noles retaining the core values of the Bowden years even after an occasionally acrimonious coaching transition. Tender mercies: At least Carr wasn't one of the players scheduled to appear at Media Days, which is a good thing, since police needed 10 hours Sunday to coerce him from his apartment.

Compounding matters is the gigglesome fact that Nigel was already facing potential doghouse time for a marijuana possession arrest last week.  At the very least, he'll be hit with a suspension if the felony charges stick.

EDSBS muses, while awarding a hearty 13 Fulmer Cup points:

All of this is made even stranger than it already is by Carr's generally good reputation among his teammates and coaches: he was named the most dependable linebacker in spring practice and lauded for his good attitude as one of the players flourishing most in Mark Stoops' new defensive scheme. Carr appeared in thirteen games last season. He wasn't a marginal case clinging to a spot on the depth chart, and wasn't a malingering malcontent obviously seconds away from robbing a bank with a banana in his pocket. Carr had potential, and something this random could and likely will put a serious dent in said potential for years to come.

SBN's FSU community, Tomahawk Nation, takes a walk on the bright side, pointing out that, "The two burglary charges and the ID charge are 3rd degree felonies (lowest level felonies)." Patience. At this rate, Carr will have his own counterfeiting ring up and running in the Panhandle by Friday.