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Bless You Boys: Bud Selig Should 'Add An Asterisk' After Matt Garza's No-Hitter Of Tigers

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So we've heard from the winning side. When a guy throws a no-hitter, it's all warm fuzzies all around for the players, coaches, and fans alike. There's no feeling quite like witnessing a no-no (or so I've been told), and the rush that comes with the final out is just unparalleled.

But what about the losing side? How does the loser feel? If Tigers blog Bless You Boys is any indication, the losing side doesn't feel real great.

Word of warning: I'm in bitter fan mode tonight.

Can it really be considered a true no-hitter when the Tigers' lineup is chock full of rookies, backups, and should be Mud Hens?

The Tiger' lineup included rookies Austin Jackson, Will Rhymes, Brennan Boesch, and Danny Worth. Also playing were backups Ryan Raburn and Gerald Laird. Backup Ramon Santiago pinch hit...making the last out. Miguel Cabrera and Johnny Damon were the only Tigers in the lineup you could consider both a veteran and/or not a backup.

If I"m head moron in standing commissioner Bud Lite Selig, I'd add an asterisk. Not that adding an asterisk after a players name because of the circumstance involved would ever happen in the MLB record book, right?

In fairness, Detroit fans were already frustrated before this game, as a number of unfortunate injuries have threatened to derail a potential run to the playoffs. Adding this game on top of all that bad news would make anyone flip a tizzy.