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No Dice For Alex Rodriguez On Monday As He Remains At 599 Home Runs

As happens on most nights, the Yankees won on Monday, a 3-2 decision over the home Cleveland Indians. And as happens on most nights, Alex Rodriguez didn't go deep. The Yankee third baseman was back in the lineup after taking a pitch off the hand on Sunday, but facing trade candidate Jake Westbrook and Chris Perez, he wound up 0-4, doing the following:

-swinging strikeout

-lineout to left

-groundout to short

-pop out to right

A-Rod will give his run towards 600 home runs another go on Tuesday, when CC Sabathia and the Yankees square off against rookie Josh Tomlin and the Indians. Tomlin, a 25 year old righty, will be making his big league debut after posting a 2.68 ERA with AAA Columbus. Tomlin is a control pitcher with an 88-91mph fastball and four different weapons.