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Italian Man Strenuously Objects To Vuvuzelas With Car, Rifle

An Italian man objected to revelers at a bar tooting away the night on vuvuzelas, and did what you might have fantasized about doing during the World Cup: reacting to the noise with extreme violence

The man, 51, from a small town near Vicenza, reportedly marched down to the Coco Bamboo bar because the din was bothering him and then fired several shots into the air with his rifle.

Now I personally don't mind the vuvuzela, but let's point out one important detail here: this happened in an Italian village. Those are tiny, tiny places, and the bar couldn't have had more than thirty people in it, which while loud is not an overwhelming amount of vuvuzela-ing. This man was just looking for an excuse to ram a building with his car and fire his gun into the air, and believe me, both Albert Belle and I understand that urge all too well. 

ATTENTION MIKE FLORIO: Mike Vick was nowhere near the scene, and no one was hurt, but feel free to associate him anyway with this. Quote: "Mike Vick had no comment on the matter and says wasn't in Italy at the time. OR WAS HE? HMMMMM..."