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Lorenzen Wright Still Missing: Family Pleas For Help, Police Search For Answers

It's been more thank a week since former Atlanta Hawks and Memphis Grizzlies center Lorenzen Wright was reported missing by his panicked wife. And according to the Fox affiliate in Memphis, police are no closer to finding him:

"There have been some calls from the public, they've followed everyone of them, and none have really led to anything that can substantiate or add anything significant to a trail of finding him," said Public Information Officer for Collierville, Mark Heuberger.

... "There is a very high level of concern and intensity in terms of trying to locate him, to find someone that's seen him. Anything of that nature," Heuberger said.

It's obviously a tragic, bizarre situation that has both police and those closest to Wright scratching their heads. Here, Wright's ex-wife makes an emotional plea for help.

With any luck, something will turn, and the family and police will find their man. It should be mentioned that Wright had fallen on hard times financially in recent years (he had his home foreclosed in May), and police recently told the Baltimore Sun that they don't suspect foul play.

In any case, prayers are with the family. Hopefully this will have a happy ending.