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MLB Trade Rumors: Little Market For Jose Guillen After All?

It's hard to get a clear picture on things from where we sit, but Jayson Stark throws some water on the claims that Jose Guillen is attracting interest:

On Jose Guillen rumors: Was told by one club that KC has “no real options” to move him, even if they take $ & ask very little back
In fact, the same source speculates KC “might be done.” DeJesus hurt. Very little action on Guillen, Bannister, Davies, Farnsworth.

The latter bit neglects to mention Scott Podsednik as a trade candidate, but as for Guillen, it makes some sense - his offense has really dropped off since a torrid start to the season, and teams who might be interested in him may figure they can get a better player somewhere else to help put them over the top.