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MLB Trade Rumors: Rangers May Not Have Money For Jorge Cantu

The Rangers have long been rumored to be in pursuit of Marlins 1B/3B Jorge Cantu, but after there were whispers that a trade was nearly completed, everyone seemed to back off, and Jayson Stark tells us why:'s Jayson Stark adds Tuesday that the hang-up between the Marlins and Rangers in a trade for Jorge Cantu is money. The Rangers are telling teams they cannot add payroll and that they'd need Florida to pay the remainder of Cantu's salary this year, about $2 million.

The Marlins are loathe to pay more than they have to, although by covering Cantu's salary, they might be able to get a better return from Texas. Cantu, of course, is not without his other suitors:

Rockies continue to talk with Florida about 1B/3B Jorge Cantu, a needed right-handed run producer. Won't give up player on 25-man roster.

It seems that, even with his down year, Cantu's track record of hitting for power is sticking in a lot of teams' memories. Meanwhile, the Orioles' front office and Ty Wigginton's agent will keep a close eye on this who development.