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The Tim Tebow Consumer Experience: The Hardest Playing Consumer Experience You Will Ever See

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As a Florida fan, the ethics of fandom re: the NFL are murky. Am I obligated to pull for Broncos now that they have my football Messiah? If so, to what extent? Do I have to pull for the team, even though I'm pretty sure Josh McDaniels is just Lane Kiffin in a wig? If he is really Lane Kiffin in a wig, may I place makeup on him, and send him on dates with my single bros as a joke? When they get married, will we all be more confused than when it started? Especially when McDaniels/Kiffin becomes pregnant with their first child? Did we go all the way down this rabbit hole and then some? Yes? Good.  

i'm not going to strain an emotional hamstring pulling for the Broncos, and it appears that neither will Florida fans, who aren't buying the 26 Tebow Broncos jersey on sale at the Florida Bookstore in Gainesville, Florida. They exist. We have photos after the jump.


I promise you: you will never see a jersey sit harder on the sale rack harder than this jersey will. To be fair, Tebow has yet to take a snap, it is July 27th, and it is three thousand degrees Fahrenheit in Gainesville right now. The jersey would burst into flame, and burn the rest of the money you still had after incinerating eighty dollars in buying the shirt in the first place. (They're selling, but not as well as they'd like, per our crack Gainesville sources. Only 26 remaining! Buy now!) 

Perhaps you should show your enduring loyalty to Tebow by purchasing a more prosaic product: underwear. Tebow will be endorsing Jockey skivvies, which while practical and stylish, will never equal the glories of past athlete underwear endorsements. I'm sorry; did you just click on that picture of Pete Rose in his underwear? Technically, you shouldn't be able to read this having been blinded, so we'll skip the apology, since you're blind and can no longer read.