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MLB Trade Rumors: Nationals, White Sox Talking About Adam Dunn

Ken Rosenthal recently reported that the Nationals haven't made any contract extension offer to Adam Dunn in any form. That would seem to indicate that they're very open to moving him, and lest you think that talks aren't progressing, think again!

Washington Nationals first baseman Adam Dunn could be dealt to the White Sox if Chicago is willing to sweeten the pot and add a second substantial minor league player in return, according to a major league source.

Any deal for Dunn would have to include Daniel Hudson, the White Sox's top pitching prospect. The Nationals also want one of three White Sox prospects: catcher Tyler Flowers, outfielder Jordan Danks or injured infielder Brent Morel.

That's a steep price - and of course it's a steep price, being that this is Mike Rizzo - but it's less steep than the Dunn-for-Gordon-Beckham proposal the White Sox have already turned down.

The article goes on to note that Dunn's current suitors include the White Sox, Angels, Tigers, Rangers, and two as yet unidentified teams from the NL. More than anything else, what Washington wants is young starting pitching.