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Bengals Sign Terrell Owens To One-Year, $2 Million Deal

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The Bengals brought Terrell Owens in for a workout earlier in the offseason. Four months later and they've signed.

Pro Football Talk reports the Bengals signed T.O. to a one-year, $2 million deal with incentives that can boost the total value of the deal to $4 million.

The incentives are based on yards, catches and touchdowns. If he performs like he did last year in Buffalo, he should earn most of it, PFT reports.

SB Nation's Cincy Jungle wonders what exactly was the motivating factor behind signing T.O.

The reasons for signing Owens have been examined a lot on these pages in recent days, ranging from concern regarding Antonio Bryant's knee (or the coaches being lukewarm with Bryant) to the general worry that the team's roster of receivers are just too inexperienced for the Bengals to feel comfortable with.

OCNN didn't break the news, but Chad Ochocinco welcomed T.O. to town via Twitter:

OCNNBREAKINGNEWS Terrell Owens is officially a Cincinnati Bengals, Cincy let's welcome him with open arms, it's on now!

Read more about the signing at Cincy Jungle.