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Ole Miss And Jeremiah Masoli: It's Complicated

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Jeremiah Masoli is a quarterback in search of a redeeming final season of eligibility. Ole Miss is a school down one starting signal-caller that just lost another quarterback in the offseason, leaving them with only two on the roster. So why can't these crazy kids make it work, again?

"That's a very complex issue," said Ole Miss Chancellor Dan Jones, who then declined to answer any other questions regarding the football program's interest in Masoli.

Well ... no, it's really not. Do you want Jeremiah Masoli and his freakishly blessed arm and legs, or do you want to take the ostensible moral high ground? This is, you'll recall the school that hired Ed Orgeron as a head coach, in a conference that lovingly smirks at criminality, and character concerns under center are laughably passé this season. Just look at what Auburn's doing with their laptop-stealing QB transfer! It's the thing to do now, dahlings.