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Harmless Shaving Cream Pie Attack Sends Chris Coghlan To DL

It was supposed to be all fun and games when the Marlins walked off over the Braves on Sunday afternoon. Outfielder Chris Coghlan tried to nail game-winner Wes Helms with a shaving cream pie and everything. What a pleasant matinee! Until this.

During the elation in the aftermath of the Marlins' 5-4 win over the Braves in 11 innings Sunday afternoon at Sun Life Stadium, Chris Coghlan was injured while attempting to smash a shaving-cream pie in the face of Wes Helms, who delivered the walk-off single.

After the Marlins edged the Giants, 4-3, on Monday night at AT&T Park, the club announced Coghlan was going on the disabled list with a torn meniscus to his left knee.

Said Coghlan:

"When Wes hit the walk-off, I went to pie him in the face," Coghlan said. "When I jumped, I landed wrong on my knee. That's how I got injured."

The Marlin left fielder was hitting .268/.335/.383 prior to getting injured, and will be replaced by a platoon of Emilio Bonifacio and prospect Logan Morrison until he returns, which could be as long as 6-8 weeks if Coghlan needs to go under the knife.

More importantly, in response to the incident, the Marlins have banned shaving cream pies as instruments of celebratory elation. Between this and the Angels banning home plate trampolining in the wake of the whole Kendry Morales incident, you have two clumsy oafs effecting great change.

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