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Concussion Sends Jason Bay To Disabled List

On Friday, Jason Bay made a running catch that took him face-first into the wall. Rather curiously, he played the entire series before he started feeling the symptoms of a concussion when he boarded the team plane on Sunday night. And now, sure enough, Bay is headed for a trip to the DL:

With Jason Bay heading for DL, that's a wrap on talk of #Mets trading Jeff Francoeur. Maybe next month. #trades

Bay, who signed a $66m/4-year contract with the Mets over the offseason, has had a nightmare debut in New York, batting just .259/.347/.402 over 401 trips to the plate. He's managed two games with two homers, two games with one homer, and hasn't gone deep in any of the others after slugging 36 longballs a year ago in Boston. A concussion, then? It's not good news, but then again, it's not entirely bad news, as Bay has been a liability.

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