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Diego Maradona Out As Argentina's Manager

There will be no more antics for Diego Maradona as manager of the Argentine national team: the Argentine Football Association announced that it will not renew his contract, according to MSNBC.

After a circuitous, up-and-down World Cup qualifying round prior to 2010, Maradona had seemed to be on firmer ground despite being eliminated 4-0 by Germany in the quarterfinals of the World Cup finals. Indeed, the Argentine Football Association offered Maradona a four-year extension through 2014, on the condition that he changed some of his coaching staff. Maradona responded by telling the press that he only wanted to return if his entire staff -- down to his masseuse -- came back. They called his bluff, and declined to renew his contract.

Maradona's eccentricities, unrestrained exuberance, and disregard for defensive tactics won him plenty of fans as a manager, with Argentina putting on a few offensive clinics behind the deft genius of midfield maestro Messi, before Germany's relentless counter-attacking game ended their run, again.