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MLB Trade Rumors: Ted Lilly, Brett Myers, Jose Bautista See Stocks Rise, While Corey Hart's Falls

Tuesday was an important day for a number of rumored trade candidates, and some of them came through. Among them:

  • Ted Lilly threw 5.2 shutout innings against Houston, striking out eight
  • Brett Myers, opposing Lilly, threw a complete game against the Cubs, allowing a run while striking out 12
  • Jose Bautista homered twice against the Orioles, increasing his league lead and bumping him up to 30 on the year

Corey Hart, however, missed his fourth straight game with a bruised wrist, and teams are going to want to see him prove that he's healthy before they offer up what Milwaukee would want in return in a trade. In other words, if Hart is to get traded, he's going to need to get back in there in a hurry.