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MLB Trade Rumors: Roy Oswalt Sweepstakes Down To Phillies After Cardinals, Dodgers Drop Out

The Cardinals are no longer in the running to trade for Roy Oswalt, according to Ken Rosenthal, who also tweets that the Dodgers are making “no progress” in their pursuit of the Astros pitcher.

This leaves the Phillies as the only remaining team (somewhat) legitimately in the hunt for Oswalt. The two issues now: how much are the Phillies willing to give up in prospects, and will Oswalt require Philly to pick up his $16 million 2012 club option before agreeing to a trade? reports that Oswalt would still agree to waive his no-trade clause and head to Philly even without the club picking up the ’12 option. If true, that would make dealing Oswalt to the Phillies much easier.