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MLB Trade Rumors: Scott Podsednik Drawing Interest From Dodgers, Giants

Kansas City Royals left fielder Scott Podsednik is reportedly drawing interest as baseball's trade deadline nears. Podsednik, who is better at the plate this season than he's been in years, is being chased by two N.L. West teams, reports FanHouse's Ed Price:

As of Wednesday afternoon, both the Dodgers and Giants were in discussions for outfielder Scott Podsednik, according to a major league source.

The Dodgers, reports SB Nation Kansas City, are making an especially strong push for Podsenik's services in the wake of a calf injury that has sent left fielder Manny Ramirez to the disabled list.

The Dodgers stand in third place in the West despite a 54-46 record, and given the vastly superior run differentials maintained by the Padres and Giants, they're certainly inclined to mitigate the loss of their best hitter. On its own, this wouldn't be a game-changer, but adding Podsednik and his 30 stolen bases could make sense if coupled with another move before the deadline.

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