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The James Toney Live Chat Went About As Well As Expected.

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James Toney took some time out of his busy schedule to continue his masterful hyping of his upcoming fight with Randy Couture. MMA Fighting's Michael David Smith got Toney in for an in-studio live chat, and it was pretty much what I thought it would be. Toney should lease out his ability to trash talk.

Some highlights-

If you win does that prove boxing is better than mixed martial arts?

James Toney: No doubt. It's already known that boxing is better than MMA but I'll prove that and that James Toney is the best fighter no matter if it's boxing or MMA.

what will happen when randy takes you down???

James Toney: If Randy takes me to the ground he's going to have to worry. I'm not the one who's worried about that. I guarantee you, Randy is worried. I'm not losing sleep on Randy Couture but I guarantee when he goes to sleep, he's thinking about me.

Hey James, how many fights did you have on your UFC contract?

James Toney: I'm the heavyweight champion of the IBA so why can't I be the UFC heavyweight champion?

What MMA fighter do you think could make a sucessful transition to boxing?

James Toney: None of them could. MMA fighters don't like to get hit. They can't stand in the pocket and trade punches. MMA guys want to submit somebody or kick them like a little girl. I think Wanderlei Silva could maybe be a good boxer, and Anderson Silva would have a chance. Georges St. Pierre might too. But seriously: Can you name me one MMA fighter who can punch as well as me?

How high do you rate Randy's striking?

James Toney: He's pretty good for a girl.

James Toney: He's got the balls to fight me but there's no MMA fighter who has the balls to trade punches with me. If they do it's suicide.

Is it true that you tapped out King Mo?

James Toney: It's true.

James Toney: I've been training with King Mo, I've been training with some good King of the Cage fighters, and I've been doing well. Ask them yourself, they'll tell you.

After you lose do you plan on apologizing for all the disrespect you've shown?

James Toney: Kiss my behind. Other people should be apologizing to me.

Pretty outstanding stuff. I'm still convinced Couture will utterly dominate and embarrass Toney, but my god, this man is awesome. I really enjoy when people totally submerse themselves into these characters. This is Toney's act, but his dedication to the craft is why I still pay attention to him. He can be sure to expect $44.95 from me.

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