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Giants' Brian Wilson Forced To Scribble Over His Shoes; Batter's Lobby Wins Again

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Time and time again, baseball has been brought to his knees by the ruthless batter's lobby which must exist, because if it didn't exist, they wouldn't enjoy such concessions as the batter's eye, a giant wall in center field that robs fans of a beautiful view of a river or skyline. Or, if you're in Kaufman Stadium, some trees.

Now, a pitcher is being fined $1,000 for wearing orange shoes.

On Tuesday night, the Marlins took issue with said shoes, worn by Giants closer Brian Wilson, alleging that it created a visual nuisance. (The color orange is terribly distracting unless it is stationary, which is why the Orioles are still allowed in the league (sorry).) As a consequence, Wilson was fined.

League fines Wilson a grand for the orange shoes.

Well, I guess he can't wear those shoes anymore, so

He's using a Sharpie rt now to color them half black.

I wish some shoe manufacturer would sell black cleats. That way, Wilson wouldn't have to resort to such a silly solution. Anyway, if the batter's lobby continues to have its way, distractions will be removed piecemeal until the stadium looks like Tron. Oh, and they want to navigate the base paths on hover-cycles. Like the ones from Tron.