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Jon Jones' Trainer Greg Jackson Discusses Fight With Vladimir Matyushenko

Sherdog: Is that pretty much the #1 concern? That's what Vladimir does, he puts people on their backs and beats them up. Is Jon Jones fine off his back?

Jackson: "Well yeah, I mean, he's getting really good on his back. I'm not overly concerned with any one part of the fight. I want to watch the pace because Vladimir's just trying to get in there and I think and stuff us, get inside, smother, break it. That's my concern with him just to trying to smother and staying on top and he's going to try to stifle Jon's creativity I'm sure, so we've been working a lot of good inside stuff and you know wrestling and all that stuff so we should be well-prepared for his game plan. I hope, you know. All you can do is hope and hopefully all the things that we've been working on will come to fruition. But yeah I fully expect him to come in, swinging at Jon's head and try to take Jon down and holding Jon on the ground."

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Jackson is likely right that the rough veteran is going to try to throw some punches to open up takedowns and work from the top. It's not new but it's what has gotten Vlad to this stage and he's not likely to change that up any time soon.