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Lorenzen Wright's Dead Body Found By Police In Memphis

There's been a tragic ending to the disappearance of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright: police have reportedly found his dead body in Memphis, according to

Wright had been missing since July 17th after leaving his ex-wife's home. His family filed a missing person's report on July 23rd and said that they feared he'd been the victim of foul play -- suspicions the police initially downplayed. Earlier on Wednesday, police had announced that they had found a body in southeastern Memphis as they investigated Wright's location based on his last known phone call, a 911 hangup made early in the morning of July 18th. At first, police refused to identify the body as Wright's, although according to that is indeed the case. The body reportedly suffered a gunshot wound. Early speculation was that the wound may have been self-inflicted.

Wright, who was beset by numerous financial woes, was reportedly carrying a fair amount of cash at the time of his disappearance. That and the reported 911 hangup certainly make a robbery-murder also seem very plausible.