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Columbus Blue Jackets Retain Anton Stralman

Defenseman Anton Stralman won't be going anywhere this summer. Traded twice last year before the season began, the 23-year-old has signed a one-year contract worth $1.95 million with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Stralman gave the Columbus blue line much-needed offensive instincts, leading the crew in assists (28) and points (34).

General Manager Scott Howson narrowly escaped arbitration by speaking with Stralman minutes before the scheduled hearing Wednesday morning.

"Talking to Anton this morning, we both agreed that if we have to go through the process, we have to go through it," Howson said. "I made sure he knew this was part of the business and that whatever was going to be said in that room, we still like him as a player. But the danger in going through it is, it gets very personal.

"It helped to have the player there this morning, to look him in the eye. It helps you get a deal done."

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