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Ben Sheets Out For Season - And Longer - With Torn Flexor Tendon In Elbow

When Ben Sheets landed on the DL, his stock as a trade candidate fell through the floor. This, though - this is worse.

I've had it confirmed: Sheets needs a second flexor tendon surgery, what he'd said he was worried about last week. #Athletics

The same procedure already cost Sheets his entire 2009 the first time around when he went under the knife in February. This time, the absolute best-case scenario would be a return something like halfway through the 2011 season, but chances are it would take longer than that for him to come back, and there are already whispers that this could be a career-ender. It's just the latest awful, unfortunate break in the very troubled career of a very talented pitcher.

Adds Susan Slusser:

Since Sheets will be a free agent, he'll have to try to find a job again coming off another flexor tendon surgery. That's rough.