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After Difficult Rehab, Kyle Blanks Headed For Tommy John Surgery

Looking at the Padres now, and all the success they've had, it's easy to forget that they began the season with high hopes for young slugger Kyle Blanks. Soon, it will be even easier to forget that:

#Padres OF Kyle Blanks was going to try and play catch Tuesday. Now he's headed for Tommy John surgery on Friday, GM Jed Hoyer told XX 1090.

Blanks had to cut a AAA rehab assignment short, and re-examinations of his elbow along the way showed that it wasn't progressing as hoped. This procedure should resolve his ailment, but it will knock him out for the rest of 2010. The good news for the Padres is that, with their depth, they likely won't miss him, and will look forward to having him back for the start of 2011.